Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Months

 As of today, it has been two months. I realize, in my head, that she's gone, but it feel like every day my heart figures it out anew.

 I think sometimes, that the reason it goes like that is to protect our sanity. The things our brains can't process, it just kind of glosses over. When you try to think about it, your brain just kind of stops.

 It think it is a lot like what Lovecraft described. That some things, the human mind can't deal with, so it either breaks, or shuts the idea out.

 As far as the day to day things, life has fallen back into a more 'normal' rhythm. I'm working out again, the kids are all back to their routines.

 I just keep thinking eventually it will get better.

 I keep hoping for a text from beyond the veil. Or a voice.

 I'm not holding my breath though.

 I miss you honey.

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