About Us

Me (Aaron):  I am a Marine Vet, and now a Corrections Officer. Now I'm trying to figure out how to be a single dad to my awesome children. Good thing I have a lot of support. I am also an avid gamer, reader and pretty much a huge nerd for all things Star Wars and Fantasy. This is my other blog.

My Wife (Robin) was the greatest. I loved her with my whole self, and she lost her battle with Metaplastic Breast cancer Nov. 10th of 2011.


The kids. Bookend girls (Meghan and Morgan) with a boy (Logan) in the middle. They are the coolest kids, and we are trying to teach them that it is cooler to be nice and smart than it is to be popular and vacuous. They love Avatar: the Last Airbender, Star Wars, The Clone Wars. The oldest, Meghan (9), just finished Harry Potter. Logan (3) loves Clone Wars and Construction Equipment. Morgan (1 year) the youngest, loves climbing, putting things in her mouth and trying out new sounds and words. She has an actual hunger for books, to her older sister's continual irritation.