Thursday, February 10, 2011


 I've mentioned a few times before about how thankful Robin and I are that she is the one going through this, vice one of the kids. Not that anyone is ever thankful for cancer, but it is less bad I guess, but either way, it's not one of the kids.

 One of the guys I work with was blessed enough for his daughter to have a pretty nice malignant brain tumor.
I believe she is right around Meg's age, and she is being treated down in Hershey. So, everyone, if you could, keep them in your prayers. Also, if you can, and would like to, I have information about how to donate to a fund we have put together for him and his family. I know they are spending over 30 dollars a day in gas, plus copays and everything else that I am sure they are racking up.

 So, perhaps something a little more temporal would be just as helpful to them as praying. So, like I said, if you are interested, contact me on facebook or here, and I will guide you in the right direction. Either way, keep Tim and his family in your prayers.

 On our end, we are doing well. Robin has a hysterectomy, and I am apparently dealing with a slight case of depression and anxiety, and Meg and I are both bandaged up from slipping on the ice. (She sprained her wrist, and I think my knee has finally stopped bleeding.) I hate winter.

Spring is coming... someday.

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