Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shameless 'Stache plug

 As most of you have probably noticed, I am competing in this year's Mustaches Vs. Cancer competition, which is an annual competition in October and November that raises money for the pediatric department of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

 Every year, brave men grow spectacular lip-sweaters, to not only make the world more beautiful, but also to do something great. Since 2008, they have raised over $75,000 to combat cancer in children.

 So, for another year, I am bravely stepping forward into the world of mustachioed gentlemen, doing my part to raise money for fighting children's cancer, and making the world a little bit more wonderful in the process.

 My profile is here, under the pseudonym Miyamoto Mustachi (pretty catchy!) I promise to keep growing if everyone keeps giving!

 Here are some amazing cookie dusters to look at while you ponder dontating. (borrowed from The Art of Manliness

                                                                           Sam Elliot

                                                                      Teddy Roosevelt

                                                                        Burt Reynolds

                                                          The incomparable Rollie Fingers

                                                                       Ron Burgundy

                                                                           Sean Connery

                                                                      Wilford Brimley

                                                                      Bill the Butcher

                                                              And of course, Tom Selleck

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