Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Le sigh


 Robin is on the upswing now from her first dose. It looks like that whole first week after the chemo is like being hit by a truck. But now she is closer to being herself. She is still rather tired.

 Then again, I guess having your body pumped full of cell destroying poisons would take it out of you.

 I mean really, the basic idea behind chemo, as I understand it; is that the tumor is weaker than you as a whole. It will die before the rest of you. It is kind of barbaric, really, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

 I guess that is what we are learning through this.

 It is possible to survive just about anything as long as we don't just curse God and die, to cite the book of Job.

 Some days it is harder than others.

 Some days I just wonder why we keep having do go through all of this.

That really isn't the point though. Here we are, and we just have to. This isn't one of these things we can just avoid, and it will go away.

I have to get back to running and working out. It is my Zen. Better than drinking all the time. Then I will have the strength to give when Robin doesn't have hers.

We're lucky we happen to be where our family is. We have a great support group and a lot of love up here.
Above everything we have each other and faith. So, I think we can make it.

We'll just have to remember that at the low points too.

On another note, next year I will be on the ball with Mustaches vs. Cancer. I missed the beginning and only had two weeks to grow. I also want to his up a lot of the runs that benefit the cancer groups. That is the other reason I need to get back to running.

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