Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shave and a haircut

 Robin is a few days out from her next chemo treatment, and she recently noticed her hair was falling out now. So, she made the choice to have me shave it all off for her. It was a strange reversal, with her in the chair and me running the clippers.

 And I realize that I can't even begin to relate to what she is going through this time. Being a guy, it is pretty much my right to treat my whole head as a playground, experimenting with ridiculous facial hair and hairstyles. (the entirety of the 90's comes to mind) I am a guy and society really doesn't care if we are bald or not. This part of the treatment is undoubtedly tougher on women, as society expects them all to have hair. Whole empires are built on servicing and beautifying women's hair.

 But it grows back. An interesting fact is that when it does, it will be brand new hair. Completely different that her old hair. I guess it is a strange side-effect of systemic poisoning, your hair falls at and comes back new and different.

In the meantime, Robin has a nice-shaped head.

Also, in protest of cancer and its a-holeishness, I am growing my hair long, since Robin can't right now. I already have a shaved head, so I am going to go the other direction and take up the mantle of follicular abundance.

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