Thursday, December 16, 2010

The kindness of strangers

Ok, so the title today is slightly misleading, since neither of the people I am thinking of are technically strangers, but it is a humbling thing when someone does something completely selfless for you.

 The other day at work, one of the Senior Officers traded weekends with me, so I could have Christmas at home. It floored me. We all do our times away, and for him to give his up for me just amazed me. When I have the chance to pay that forward to someone else, I definitely will.

 Then I got home, and Robin showed me a card she received, unsigned, with a gift card in it, to help us with expenses. Completely unexpected, and once again, we were floored by the generosity of others.

 Through all of this, lots of people we know have been stepping forward and doing lots of little things that help us along the way. It is humbling, and it makes me think of all the times I could have done a little something more for others, and it is humbling.

 So that is a challenge to everyone this Christmas season, take the time to give a little of yourself to others. You never really know how much the little things mean. Even if you don't think much of it, the person receiving it may.

 My challenge to myself will be putting more time into this blog. I fell off a bit recently.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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