Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Last week I said I would try to post more, and almost succeeded on that.

Sorry everyone.
Well, Robin had her 3rd round of Chemo this week, and it turns out it isn't 4 total rounds, it is 4 rounds of each drug. So, we aren't halfway through it anymore.
 That was a fairly depressing hit for Robin, be it is being taken in stride now. It also sucks, because she is still fairly worn out, just in time for Christmas. It's amazing how something like this can throttle the crap out of your Christmas spirit.

 We are counting our blessings though, since I have many friends, to include my brother, who are currently deployed through the holidays. Stuck stomping around in countries where they hate Jesus and Christmas, and on top of that, they don't want our help anymore. Merry Christmas guys. My heart still goes out to you all.

 The one consolation though, will be that the kids will enjoy it. My kids are looking forward to Christmas tomorrow, and another smaller Christmas later this year when they see their cousins after my brother gets back to the US.

  Hopefully Robin will be able to get a surgery date sooner rather than later, so that way maybe the healing process can actually be started before that smaller Christmas. This cancer crap really is a big ass gloomy cloud over the holidays.

 But, Merry Christmas anyways, go eat some cookies. Drink some eggnog. Eat a ham. Have some Bailey's in your coffee. Merry Christmas everyone!


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