Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beginning the healing

 Sorry for the lack of posts lately,
 I don't really have an excuse.

 We are a few days out from Robin's mastectomy now, but in a strange way,
it is kind of a good feeling. Not that the result you want from something is to have
a part of yourself removed, as that is a terrible outcome, but it is better than death.

 So, in the scheme of things, maiming is better than dead.

 At least reconstruction works out pretty well these days.

 That brings up an interesting series of thoughts. Most people don't even really
want to talk about reconstruction, because many people don't want to talk about
breasts. If the woman talks about wanting her breasts back after a mastectomy,
she is vain.

 Hell's Bells if the man talks about it... But, it is a valid thought. A woman's breasts
are part of her identity. I imagine it would be somewhat like cutting off my nose. I
could have it rebuilt, but I wouldn't ever see me in the mirror.

 We will get through this together, though. The surgery will happen, and, happily, they said the
recovery isn't that bad.

 They will cut out the cancer, and the healing will begin.

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  1. May God go with you my friends.I pray they get it all !!! Tim Woodside