Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's about that time

This morning brings us sitting here at the house, waiting to go to the Hospital. All in all, I think we are both numb at this point. More than anything, it is that feeling of resigned acceptance of how it has to be.

 Because it is better than the other option. At least, though, from what everyone has said, the Surgeon that Robin has is nigh godlike in his abilities. They said he waves his hand, and the next you look he is holding lymph nodes.

 But, this is one of those days that I can't comprehend 'after'. These days come and go, but they always accompany your life changing events. And it is just hard to wrap your mind around your life afterwards.

 So here we go, still relatively bitter about being here in the first place, but at least we are moving towards healing...

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