Friday, March 4, 2011

Another One Down

 I have to apologize for continuously saying I am going to update this more, but then a week or two elapses without anything new. So, no promises this time. But at least it will be a play by play as things happen.

 Today, Robin did get her hysterectomy, which was good; but they punctured her small intestine, which is bad. They fixed it, which was good; but now she is in a lot more pain than anticipated, which is bad. She is in a really nice unit, which is good; but now she won't be home for a few days longer, which is bad.

 So there it is, an object lesson of having to take the good with the bad. Really, there is no way around it. When things are bad, there is good hiding in it somewhere; conversely, when things are good, there is probably something else at work.

 The hysterectomy was a less than ideal outcome, like all the rest of this; but the result of it will be good in the end. It will allow us to get past this.

 So, in the end, we just take the good with the bad. Life goes on day to day. We work, take care of our families, life keeps going on. We just have to keep going with it.

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