Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healing or Cuts and Staples

 From some of the research I have done, Robin's surgery went as well as we could have hoped; for a surgery that was messed up, at least.

 The Doctor said it was one of those freak things, that if he had tried to do it on purpose, would never have happened. But on way or another the scope ended up in her bowel. But, the big thing is that they new it was punctured, so they were able to repair it immediately.

 It seems to be that the real danger with bowel perforations is when they don't know it happened, like when one of the tools nicks it. Then you go home, and end up septic.

 Knowing this, we are counting out blessings. It doesn't make the pain go away, but it makes us feel better about it. (I'd have to verify that with Robin though, she seems to not be feeling much better about it at all, which is understandable)

 So she is healing up, and heading towards finishing her chemo. It sucks, but there is no way around it.
Someday, we will make progress and come up with a less barbaric way to treat cancer, but we aren't there yet. So, it never hurts to support the groups doing the research.

 In other news, my Brother got back from Iraq, which is awesome, and now he and his family are having some quality time.
 Robin and I both got new tattoos, which is also awesome, so now I will have to start a savings fund for our next work.
 I need to get back to running, and working on my other writings.

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