Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to life, or working at getting back there

 So today felt a little bit more like life. We got over to the house, and got some more of the primer work done, so we are starting to get back to where we were on the house before all of this started. It was nice feeling like we were back to accomplishing something and moving forward.

 There is something in this situation, where your life is just so disrupted and feels out of your control, so those days when you can feel like you are in control are quite therapeutic. Someday we'll get where we want to be with it. It feels good to be moving ahead again though.

 Also, one of the other things I am beginning to notice about dealing with cancer is the financial strain. The surprising thing, is it isn't the medical bills. I mean, they are an expense, but they are one of the ones you can work with, since you can usually get on a payment plan for what your insurance doesn't cover.

 It turns out the real strain comes from things that you don't always consider. Things that aren't an issue when you have a Dr's appointment once a month. Copays are rough when each individual appointment in a day is a separate copay. If they want to reform health care so badly, they should set us up with a different system for copays.

 The cost of prescriptions you expect, but unlike most prescriptions, you need them for each treatment, so that adds up too.

 The biggest thing we are realizing, and it is kind of looming with the radiation treatments coming up, is gas costs. Robin driving to her treatments every day for six weeks is going to be rough.

It's going to be nice to be on the other side of this for so many reasons. More than anything, it will be having our life back. Cancer really does effect every aspect of your life.

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