Friday, April 8, 2011

"There will be some joint pain"

 Or so the Doctor said. From what I can gather, "some" means writhing in agony. I'd hate to see what it would have been like if he had said substantial pain...

 At least the pain meds Robin has now are taking the edge off enough for her to rest. Taxol seems to be a "wonder drug" but it is a compound derived from yew trees, and dissolved in castor oil. So, all those things together keep it from playing nice with the human body. Unfortunately, since we really don't have much of anything better going as far as treatment, Robin is getting the 'one size fits all' treatment.

 The AC didn't do much for her tumor, and at least the tumor is out now that she is on the Taxol, since I have also read that, while it shrinks tumors, it tends to mobilize the tumor cells in the body. So we have stuff that kinda works, but kinda doesn't, and all of it kills off your cells hoping that you are stronger than your tumor.

 Hopefully, we will make some progress in Cancer research.

 Now it will be just making it through these next few weeks of the Taxol and get to the radiation. At least we can see the end of the road from here. That's a good thing, since I don't know how many days like these we can get through.

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