Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new chemo and patriotism

 Well today Robin started Taxol. It is two 90 minute sessions preceded with an hour drip of antihistamine. So far, it doesn't seem to be giving her as much trouble as the other stuff, and luckily she only has 3 more doses of it. That's good, because it seems the side-effects show up more with saturation. So hopefully, no numbness in her fingers and toes.

 Other than that the visit to the chemo floor wasn't bad. The nurses are always professional and nice, and I got to talk to a WWII Navy Vet while he was receiving his transfusion.

 It still amazes me whenever I talk to vets from WWII and Korea and Vietnam, because they respect what we all have done as much as we respect them. They are the past whose memories we tried to do justice to, and we were their future. I wonder if the Marines and Soldiers and Sailors and Airmen of tomorrow will feel the same about us.

 All in all, today went well. One down, three more to go. Then the radiation.

 We wait and see...

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