Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting through

 After this week, Robin will only have two rounds of chemo left, so the end is finally in sight. She is starting to feel better now, starting to get her energy back, so that signals that it's time for the next treatment. That's the roughest thing about the chemo. She starts to feel like herself again, and then goes downhill.

 But we just have to remember that it's only for another six weeks. The surgeries are done, there are only six weeks of chemo left, and then the radiation. Then reconstruction.

 Those milestones are what we have to hold on to. Once we get past this part, it is one big step towards being through with it.

 Another mark on the wall.

 Another step towards my wife being well again. That's the thing I'm looking forward to the most. You really do take your health for granted when you are well. The simple fact of feeling pretty good on most days. Having the energy to do simple things.

 It's really a blow when you don't have that anymore.

 That's why we keep moving forward through all of this.

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