Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Love

 So many times, we hear people talking about true love; True love conquers all, love is patient, love is kind.

 How much do we really know about it? What are our thoughts on what it really entails?

 When Robin and I were dating way back when, I never, NEVER, could have envisioned any of this. Then again, I didn't envision any of the ups and downs of our life until this point. I couldn't have imagined our children, the places we have lived and the people we had met.

 I didn't realize that when we fought through everything, only to find this on the other side, that there we would also find the real meaning of love.

 Love, when it comes to two people means many things. What it really means to me right now is as simple a thing as being there. Being there when it is hard. Being there and being strong when you don't want to be. Being there when all you really want to do is to shut life out, crawl back to your room and lock the door.

 Love is being there watching someone sleep, just in case they might need you. Love is being there and holding their hand through everything, because that is the only thing you can do. There is nothing you can fight, there is nothing to kill, all you can do is to be the rock, be the physical thing to hold on to.

 That's all we can do. Hold on and be strong. Be the best incarnation of perfect love we can be for one another, and pray that God will give us the strength to keep doing it when we don't want to, or think we can't go farther.

 The Corps taught me a lot about going farther then you ever thought you possibly could. Turns out we can do the same thing emotionally.

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