Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 1.5 a little extra

 The healing process is a series of small heartbreaks. None of them are as big as the first though. God gave us the blessing that our brains can't process it all at once, so it comes in smaller bits.

 When I put Logan to bed tonight, he asked, "When will it get back to normal?" I asked what he meant. Then, he asked "When will mommy come back from heaven?" And I cried. I cried and held him tight, trying to explain how you don't get to come back from heaven.

 "Can we go visit her in heaven then?" I told him I wished we could, but we can't. Then he asked me why we couldn't be with Mommy in heaven right now.

 I cried some more.

 Some times, I just don't have the answers. So I just held him tight.

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  1. Aaron- You don't know me, but I'm friends with the Broadts and I've been following your journey through them. I am so saddened by your family's loss. I've been praying for Robin and thinking about you and your little ones every day. Reading about your experiences and of your love for your wife and children, I am brought to tears. You may not have all the answers (who does?) but I can tell that you are an amazingly strong person. I pray that strength coupled with your spirited faith will bring calm and peace into your lives. With much love, Sara Mika